Free Health Seminar.

Join us at the Center to learn more about lifestyle that creates extraordinary health.

Our informative seminar is intended for those who are not familiar with the macrobiotic approach to healthcare and would like to get more information. Come to the Seminar and meet like-minded individuals from the community who care about health and wellness.  


Health Seminar Schedule:

First Saturday Every Month 12 – 2pm



Macrobiotic Lifestyle for the Season


Macrobiotics plays an important role in advocating dietary reform, promoting organic farming, introducing Asian soy products and encouraging individuals and families to become more conscious of food choices and return to meals prepared in the home. This seminar focuses on the life skills essential for developing a healthy way of life and preventing illness through healthy food and lifestyle adjustments.


“I always wanted to try a better way for healing, but had hard time selecting one method out of so many available. This seminar helped me to understand the principles of Oriental Medicine. I'm very happy I choose macrobiotics. The results are amazing!! I think the journey to alternative medicine should start with this seminar. "

Helen D.