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Practical Macrobiotics Program

This program focuses on the practical aspect of Macrobiotics. You will learn weekly and daily menu planning, activities that support health, cooking techniques for making balanced meals, and many more.


  • Circadian Rhythms

  • Building Habits

  • Handling Life Stresses



  • Learn how to make daily/weekly menus.

  • Optimize the process of buying, preparing, and stocking food.

  • Use ready-made recipes and try new ones.

  • Accept the process of cooking as an integral part of your life.

  • Learn how to use food as a treatment.


Effective Team

  • Stores – carries essential goods. 

  • Markets (bazaars) – carries fresh, local produce in season.

  • The Internet – source for packaged goods, supplies, and information.

  • Consultants – specialists in various fields.

  • Family – assist with household chores and provide support.

  • Relatives and friends – moral support and can assist as needed.

  • Social media – A source of "wisdom," which you should take with a fair amount of humor.

  • Books – an authentic source of knowledge.

  • And, of course, the world around us.

Good Health is Mastery

  • Food

  • Mindset

  • Dwelling

  • Supplementary but Equally Important

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The program consists of 4 sessions. Each session includes a live online presentation, class material, recipes, cooking instructions, energy exercises, and discussions.


The program is FREE of charge.


The classes meet on Zoom once a week:



Program Dates:


“I'm amazed at how much I've learned during this program. It was very practical. I recommend it to all who want to improve their health. It sure helped me a lot. Thank you!”

Tanya N.

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