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Weekly Meal Plan Template


Use this template to plan your meals for a week. Copy or print it. Create a weekly menu that is balanced and based on your changing needs including season and climate. The main goal in designing a macrobiotic meal is to create harmonious balance of all energies on the plate. These energies include color, taste, texture, flavor, and shapes of food.


Weekly Activity Plan Template


Use this template to plan your health-building activities for a week. Copy or print it. Mark or record the time of the day when you plan to do the activity. Remember that the food alone is not enough. Yoga, walking, body rub, and meditation are all part of a healthy lifestyle. And, of course, make sure that you have some enjoyment to give your body the nurishment it needs.







Macrobiotic has changed the life of our entire family. Our daughter became very ill when her newborn son was just 8 days old. The doctors were guessing and didn't know what was actually wrong. We visited Mayo clinic for  tests and consultations and it was determined that she had one of the types of immune deficit disorders. Western medicine doesn't cure it. Holistic doctors didn't help either. We were loosing our hope to see our daughter healthy and happy again. By pure accident we discovered macrobiotics that with its seemly simple methods, with no medications or vitamins returned life and health to our daughter. The rest of the family started following macrobiotics because this wise, natural and healthy lifestyle proved itself to be if not the one, then one of the right ways to healthy life. 8 years later our both daughters and their families belong to the macrobiotic community and to the Macrobiotic Center of Chicago. Thank you, Natasha and Ella for all your help.

Maya M.

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