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No matter whether you are focused on preventative health or fighting current illnesses, a macrobiotic lifestyle can help.
After decades of self-discovery & education of others, we have seen the unbelievable results that a healthy diet & lifestyle can provide.

Warren has been providing macrobiotic health consultations for 29 years. He has studied at premier macrobiotic schools including The Kushi Institute, The Strengthening Health Institute, The Nova Institute (Colorado) and Kiental (Switzerland). For 11 years, Warren had the unique opportunity to work daily with Michio Kushi seeing thousands of individuals with various health concerns. Warren Kramer is a guest counselor at the Macrobiotic Center of Chicago.

Dr. Feng

Dr. Feng is our favorite chinese doctor. He practices the Traditional Chinese Medicine and is famous for oriental diagnoses, accupancture and medicinal herbal teas. Here is his contact information.


Dr. Xin-Xiang Feng

(312) 326-7906

228 W. Cermak Road, 2nd Floor

Chicago, IL 60616


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