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Who we are.
Natasha Valodin


Macrobiotic Practitioner since 1999

Certified Yoga Instructor

Lifestyle and Macrobiotic Educator

I’ve been practicing macrobiotics for more than 15 years now and can honestly say that it works. It all started in April 1999 when I attended Michio Kushi seminars and health consultation during his visit to Chicago.  The whole new world opened up for me, although I was familiar with many healthy lifestyle concepts. It was there, that I met Ella Zibitsker, who became my very close and special friend since then.

Macrobiotics helped me to recognize that my poor health condition (fatigue, psoriasis, hair loss, bad digestion, etc.) was caused by improper diet. Michio Kushi gave me a complete health evaluation and prescribed a macrobiotic diet that totally changed my health for better in just a few months. I was happy, but I wanted to deepen my new knowledge and learn more about oriental approach to health. The first seven years were the most intense educational years for me. I took countless macrobiotic cooking and educational classes here at Chicago and at the Kushi Institute, met with many macrobiotic practitioners, read numerous books and attended many holistic conferences.

In 2006 I started the Macrobiotic Center of Chicago. A few year later, Ella joined me and since then we're running the Center together. Many people went through our Center. They took yoga and cooking classes, had macrobiotic consultations with Warren Kramer, attended educational programs, and participated in the Center's events. Most of them discovered Macrobiotics here, at the Center, and now practice it on a daily basis. And I'm very happy that our Center became a part of their life.


I invite you to come to the Center to start practicing macrobiotics. Let's do it together!

Ella Zibitsker


Macrobiotic Practitioner since 1998

Cancer Survivor since 1998

Lifestyle Coach and Motivator

Macrobiotics saved my life. In 1998 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 4th stage, aggressive form. I was told that nothing can be done, though in 9 months I was clear of cancer. It happened only because I discovered a wonderful world of Macrobiotics and great people at the Kushi Institute. I started practicing Macrobiotics right away and without any reservations. I'm very thankful for the help from my family, friends, and my counselor, Warren Kramer.

I met Natasha Valodin in 1999 when she just started practicing Macrobiotics and since that time we are best friends. We started the Macrobiotic Center of Chicago that became an important part of our lives and lives of many people in local communities.

​Hundreds of people came through the Center with all sorts of problems ranging from minor symptoms to serious diseases. Natasha and I helped everyone. It's a wonderful place and I'm very happy to be a part of such a great movement that restores health, saves the environment, and makes our lives happier.


Please browse this website, learn more about Macrobiotics, and bring it to your life. You'll be happy you did. And we are here to help you all the way.

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