Study Programs.


These programs are excellent entrance into the world of macrobiotics. You will learn and practice all major aspects of an ancient wisdom of health as it used in a modern-day macrobiotic approach to a healthy and happy life.


Each program includes class material, recipes, cooking demonstration, energy exercises, dinner, discussions, and ongoing support. Each program includes 1-hour private Lifestyle Consultation.


The cost of each program is $400 - must be paid upfront. The classes meet twice a week, Sundays (2pm - 7pm) and Tuesdays (6:30pm - 10pm).

"Macro Discovery"


Starts Sunday, Dec 10

"Macro Life"


Starts Sunday, Jan 7

The Macrobiotic Lifestyle Concept

  • General health principles

  • Way of life suggestions

  • Natural laws of life and change

  • Morning exercises - keep it simple and consistent

  • Cooking demonstration/Dinner


Wisdom of Life Energy

  • Food classification according to Yin and Yang

  • The energy effects of foods

  • Practical applications of Yin and Yang

  • Remedy demonstration/Dinner


Food Shopping

  • Grocery stores, farmers markets

  • Organic vs. conventional

  • How to shop for quality products on a budget

  • Cooking demonstration/Dinner


Practicing Macrobiotics
  • Kitchen Essentials

  • Time-saving cooking ideas and guidelines

  • Cooking styles, traveling tips

  • Making changes that last

  • Remedy demonstration/Dinner

Acid and Alkaline
  • Mineral content of different foods

  • Macrobiotic view of nutrition and supplements

  • Balancing body pH

  • Cooking demonstration/Dinner


Digestive and Immune Systems
  • Organs and processes

  • Digestive and immune systems diseases

  • Best practices to keep your digestive system healthy

  • How to boost your immune system

  • Remedy demonstration/Dinner

5-Element Theory in TCM
  • Chinese model of energy transformation

  • Energy of the seasons

  • Promoting health during each season

  • Cooking demonstration/Dinner


Oriental Diagnosis
  • How to see your health

  • Reading the face and body

  • Oriental treatments

  • Remedy demonstration/Dinner




Study Material

Program Highlights:


  • Macrobiotic lifestyle philosophy and practice

  • Cooking demonstrations and dinners

  • Menu planning according to personal needs

  • Breathing and stretching exercises, self-massage

  • 8 classes that lead to a great life

This is a wonderful place, full of positive energy. Natasha is a great teacher and amazing chef. I encourage everyone to visit the Macrobiotic Center and experience this healthy approach to life.

Maya M.

Tanya N.

“I'm amazed how much I've learned during these 4 weeks. It was very practical and worth every penny I paid. I recommend it to all who want to improve their health. It sure helped me a lot. Thank you, Natasha!”

“I had a weight problem and came to the program somewhat skeptical. But when I started practicing macrobiotics in just a few months I lost almost 20 pounds. And I became much healthier. Macrobiotics work, I know it now for a fact."

Elena W.