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Macrobiotic Counseling

The Chicago Macrobiotic Center is proud to host Warren Kramer, a well-known Macrobiotic Counselor. Warren resides in Boston, but he visits the Center 3-4 times a year for private consultations and educational lectures.

75/90 min


Meditation Class
Yoga Classes

Join us our weekly yoga classes and start experiencing the beneficial effects of yoga





Business Woman
Macro Discovery

You will be studying in a supportive and understanding environment under the guidance of macrobiotic practitioners.  The Macro Study Group is the best way to deepen or broaden your initial learning.



Advising and Coaching

Advising and Coaching are the best way to practicing macrobiotics. We will meet with you and create a Health Action Plan that fits your needs.




Friends Eating Dinner
Macrobiotic Dinners

Our macro dinner is a great way to share a delicious meal with macrobiotic friends. Each dinner is prepared from the high quality ingridience and served in a family style.



women discussion group
Macro Life

These programs are excellent entrance into the world of macrobiotics. You will learn and practice all major aspects of an ancient wisdom of health as it used in a modern-day macrobiotic approach to a healthy and happy life.



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Free Seminars

These seminars are intended for those who are not familiar with the macrobiotic approach to healthcare and would like to get more information about it. There are three Seminars offered at the Center at this time.



Seasoning Salad
Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Let's create a delicious and healthy macrobiotic meal together!!

3 Hours


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