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Practicing Macrobiotics.


Now that you decided to start practicing Macrobiotics, you may need to learn more about it and books and videos may not be as helpful as you thought. We have a variety of group classes that are filled with relevant information and practical tips. It includes educational programs/lectures, cooking classes, shopping trips, breathing and meditation sessions, yoga courses, and monthly dinners.

The Center offers cooking classes that will help you learn the art of cooking healthy and delicious meals. You with receive step-by-step explanations and each meal recipe. The classes can be taught at your place, at the Center, or via Skype.

Exercises are a very important part of keeping our body, mind, and spirits healthy. We offer a special yoga classes that focus on breathing, stretches, relaxation, and health improving techniques that you can make a part of your daily life. We recommend you add daily walking to our yoga classes thus creating a good health supporting regiment.

If you are new to macrobiotics, our programs are the best way to learn the basics of macrobiotics and bring it to your life. It covers the theory of well-being based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine; energy transformation and its effect on our health; practical approach to food shopping; art of healthy cooking and remedies preparation, and many more.

Practicing a macrobiotic way of life is not just cooking for yourself and your family. The community plays a great role in our well-being. We believe that sharing a meal with a fellow macrobiotic friend is the best way to show your committment to a macrobiotic way of life. Come to the center to eat, meet old friends, make new ones, enjoy a presentation by a special guest, and just relax and have fun.


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